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A Terrible Magic: a Paranormal Romance

Magic is pain.

Ten years ago, one of the most powerful magical families was taken and harvested by The Organization. Madison Berrinson escaped but not before they could bind her magic for their use. 

If magic is pain, then Maddie’s agony is strong enough to level a country. Her only choice is whether or not to spend the rest of her life fighting, or hiding in misery. 

William Cannon makes the choice for her. 

Even if he’s the heir to The Organization, Maddie can’t help but fall for the man who isn’t what he seems to the outside world. A blood oath keeps him at her side, but can Maddie harvest the years of torture at the hands of her enemies to bring them all to justice? Or will her feelings for William stop her from carrying out her revenge? 

This full length novel includes a BONUS 10K novella that sparked the idea for the story!