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About Us

Our Mission: Offering the Best in Speculative Fiction for Readers



For Readers


Evershade Publishing highlights the best in urban fantasy, science fiction romance, and paranormal romance to create an optimal book browsing and reading experience. As book lovers ourselves, we realized it was becoming increasingly difficult for readers to find fresh, unique voices in these genres. That’s why, in 2017, we founded Evershade Publishing.


At Evershade Publishing, our number one focus is connecting our authors with readers by spotlighting addicting stories and suspenseful worlds they won’t forget. 



For Authors


When Evershade was established, the idea was to make traditional-style publishing attainable for more aspiring authors. We knew it was therefore important to maintain a proper publishing account similar to the ones utilized by other large and mid-sized publishers. Because we are utilizing these publishing standards, we’re able to help authors reach readers on whatever platforms they prefer. With these arrangements, everyone wins—the authors, and the readers.


In 2019, we will be launching new and existing authors. If you're interested in becoming an Evershade Author, visit our Submissions page



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