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Evershade is Open for Submissions! #MSWL

January 31, 2019

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#EvershadeSeriesPitch Party

November 13, 2018



Evershade Publishing is opening for general submissions in 2019. But first, we’re having a pitch party to help us find our initial “flagship authors” who are ready to launch with us!


On January 7, 2019 from 9 am CST to 9 pm CST, we’re running the #EvershadeSeriesPitch Party on Twitter.  So get ready to pitch!


This isn’t your usual pitch party. We’re looking for more than just one book from our flagship authors. We want to sign whole series.


We are particularly looking for brand new series of three or more books that will fit into one of our imprint categories.


So pitch us your best urban fantasy, science fiction romance, and paranormal romance series ideas—we want to be blown away! 




  • Pitch us a brand-new series only—nothing that’s been published before!

  • We prefer the first book of the manuscript be completed, but we will accept proposals, as long as you’re prepared to send us the first three chapters of book one if we request them.

  • Each pitch should fit within ONE tweet—don’t thread tweets!

  • Include the #EvershadeSeriesPitch hashtag and a category hashtag (see below)

  • You may also include imprint and additional hashtags as they apply (see below).

  • You can pitch more than one series.

  • Please tweet a maximum of four pitches per manuscript throughout the day.

  • Do not include links or attach pictures in your tweet.



What to do if we like your pitch?

Email a proposal including the following to publish.evershade@gmail.com:

  • a cover letter including your previous publishing history and a brief description of the series concept.

  • the first 10 pages of book 1

  • a 1-page synopsis for each of the proposed books in the series (3-5)


Use this subject for the email: #EvershadeSeriesPitch Requested


You can find Evershade’s submission information here: https://www.evershadepublishing.com/submissions 


NOTE: Even if we don’t like your pitch this time, we still welcome other submissions from you. Watch for our submission guidelines for 2019 for more details!






Category Hashtags

#UF = Urban Fantasy

#PNR = Paranormal Romance

#SFR = Science Fiction Romance

#SpecFic = Speculative Fiction


Additional Hashtags

#YA = Young Adult

#A = Adult

#POC = Author is a person of color

#OWN = Own Voices
#IMM = Immigrant
#LGBT = LGBTQIA+ subject matter
#IRMC = Interracial/Multicultural subject matter
#MH = Mental Health subject matter
#DIS = Disability subject matter
#ND = Neurodiverse subject matter



Evershade Imprint Hastags


#Storm = our urban fantasy imprint. Note that although urban fantasy usually includes some romance, Storm novels do not specifically require romantic elements.


#Scorch = Our paranormal romance imprint. In our Scorch novels, the romance and the paranormal carry about the same amount of the story.


#Spark = science fiction, science fiction romance, and futuristic stories, including dystopian novels.


#Ember = novels starring diverse heroes and heroines. Although all of our lines welcome diverse heroes and heroines, Ember is dedicated to telling their magical stories.


#Glow = young adult novels with paranormal, supernatural, or sci-fi elements.


#Smolder = Gothic and Dark Paranormal Romance. Smolder features romance and romantic mysteries heavily influenced by horror. These novels may be historical or contemporary.


#Enchant = Romance. Enchant features romances that happen to include paranormal or speculative elements. In these books, the romance comes first!


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