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Our Imprints
  • Storm:  60-100k urban fantasy. Note that although urban fantasy usually includes some romance, Storm novels do not specifically require romantic elements.

  • Scorch: 60-100k paranormal romance. In our Scorch novels, the romance and the paranormal carry about the same amount of the story.

  • Spark: 60-100k science fiction, science fiction romance, and futuristic stories, including dystopian novels.

  • Ember: 60-100k novels starring diverse heroes and heroines. Although all of our lines welcome diverse heroes and heroines, Ember is dedicated to telling their magical stories.

  • Glow: 50-100k young adult novels with paranormal, supernatural, or sci-fi elements.

  • Smolder: 60-100k Gothic and Dark Paranormal Romance. Smolder features romance and romantic mysteries heavily influenced by horror. These novels may be historical or contemporary.

  • Enchant: 45-65k romance. Enchant features romances that happen to include paranormal or speculative elements. In these books, the romance comes first!

More Submission Information
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Evershade is open for submissions!

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When you're ready to submit, please send us:

  • The first three chapters

  • A complete synopsis of the first book (including the ending; surprise your readers—not us!)

  • A one-page synopsis of the next 2-4 books, outlining the overall arc, as well as noting each book’s arc.

  • A cover letter with your writing and publishing experience (if any)


Email these to: publish.evershade@gmail.com