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What we want

Evershade Editors’ Wish List, 2019


What we want: More POC and #ownvoices, please!


Also, in particular:


1. A strong female lead in a gritty urban fantasy with a hot romantic subplot and a story arc over 3-5 novels. We’re looking for the next Faith Hunter, Ilona Andrews, or Patricia Briggs

2. A magical tale (3-5 novels) with a female lead (YA or NA), an apparently doomed romance, and strong world-building. Books like the ones by Sarah J. Maas, Victoria Aveyard, Sabaa Tahir, Holly Black

3. A post-apocalyptic YA series in a dangerous world with a brilliant young heroine, a strong romantic subplot (think beyond the love triangle!), and amazing world building. Similar to: The 100, The Darkest Minds, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner (if the runner were a girl!), The Host.


4. Space opera in a continuing series (starting with a 3-5 book story arc) with a spunky lead heroine, a hot romance, an evil government, and a race against time to save the universe. Think: These Broken Stars, Kage Baker’s The Company Saga, Star Wars from Leia’s perspective, Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga (with a female version of Miles),


Always welcome: scorching hot adult paranormal romance, YA magic schools, and new twists on old speculative fiction romance tropes.



To submit, please send us:

  • The first three chapters

  • A complete synopsis of the first book (including the ending; surprise your readers—not us!)

  • A one-page synopsis of the next 2-4 books, outlining the overall arc, as well as noting each book’s arc.

  • A cover letter with your writing and publishing experience (if any)

Email these to: publish.evershade@gmail.com

More About What We Want in 2019: New Imprints, New Authors

We’re excited to re-open our doors for submissions! We’ll be looking to sign authors to write for our new lines.


Specifically, we are looking for our “flagship authors” to help launch our new imprints, so be sure to review the guidelines for the imprints you would like to submit to.  (Note: If your submission fits more than one category, choose the one you believe best fits, but mention all possible categories in your cover letter; if accepted, we’ll help place your book in the best possible imprint!)


While having a title ready for submission is ideal, we’re willing to consider full proposals, as well, as long as they include the first 10 pages, a complete synopsis, and a cover letter that includes your previous publishing history and proposed timelines for delivery. Note that we are currently not accepting novellas except as part of ongoing series by our established authors—however, if your book or proposal is accepted, we will be happy to work with you to produce introductory or mid-series novellas.

In general, the ideal author submitting to us is able to:

  • Commit to publishing a series with us consisting of 5 or more books.

  • Write a new novel for Evershade per 3 month period.

  • Commit to a 4-year contract for each published title.

  • Produce consistently well written stories with engaging plots and lovable characters.


Publishing with Evershade

Evershade Publishing’s goal is to publish gripping titles by prolific authors, preferably with existing publishing experience. Through our platform and available options, authors can enjoy the best royalty rates in the industry while receiving exceptional marketing training and support. While some of our more prolific authors are invited to specialized publishing services with a robust marketing budget, all of our authors receive unrivaled support from our publishing team to achieve their goals and grow with our publishing house.



While we do not currently offer advances, we offer generous royalties, cover all expenses we believe are required for success, and offer support in building each author’s platform in order to give our authors a valuable tool for all of their books—not just the books published by us.


Royalty structures vary depending on the author’s publishing option and contract, but we generally pay a royalty of 20-50% of the books' retail price per sale, which is 2-5x as much as most publishers offer.

Editing and Marketing

At Evershade, we have a team of talented professionals with over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising and publishing. Our support team is built of skilled editors and some of the top cover designers in the industry. Our marketing team is made of experienced authors and industry professionals, many of whom have a career in top publishing houses. 

We understand traditional publishing and working with small publishers might not be the best publishing option for everyone, but if you're looking for a close-knit home to grow your author business, Evershade is the place for you!  We look forward to seeing your submissions.